Working with Magnets

Working with Magnets

I was excited to see the electro-magnets I designed showed up as well as the DCS880 drives so we can test several ways of operating the drives as magnet controls.

The 150lb Magnets in a nutshell:

  • D=10' L=10' (12" total length as bobbins)
  • n=3600 turns
  • N=17 layers
  • wire length 3080 m
  • winding resistance 63 Ohm
  • winding thickness 0.8 inch
  • cylindrical coil

My friend Dennis (Meier Transmission) did the winding for me and did an awesome job.

The DCS880 from ABB arrived at the same time.

The planned testing:
  • Current control of one magnet with forward and reverse polarity
  • Voltage control of two magnets with a battery back-up

The main applications would be:
  • Lift Magnets
  • Magnetic sperators
  • Magnetic chucks

We are excited to figure this out. We will keep you posted.

C.Tolbert VPE