The Donner Party of Automation

The Donner Party of Automation
I read this article called " The Automation Donner Party" a few years ago from Joy Ward in the last issue of the Automation Insider, and agreed with the description and chuckled at Joy’s wit. What Joy was saying was about the scarcity of investment by the automation industry in new development. She described the industry fear not being competitive companies but something else entirely even with the then-booming economy.
Now, a few years later, add the pandemic. The R&D and the road-maps for the future of these companies big and small are off the rails.
One solution is for distributors and integrators to take matters into their own hands and focus on solution development based on customer feedback and local industry needs. B&D invests an average of $2M in R&D per year, developing several new programs and solutions ready to go with a dozen more waiting launch. Check them out!

And as plants re-open, creative solutions are what will be needed.
C.Tolbert VPE