The benefits of automation post Covid-19

The benefits of automation post Covid-19
Is it too early to start thinking about the aftereffects and the end of the restrictions associated with Covi-19, well, maybe? There are a few things that I think we can all agree on from a production, maintenance, and engineering perspective. The pandemic gave us all a shared sense of purpose. The purpose is to keep our folks safe and make production.
In a recent article, Steve Sands in Control Engineering Europe said, "automation provides resilience to disruption. Bringing processes and control closer to market needs further protects production. This won’t just be ‘pandemic proof’ production: it will increase output agility and protect organizations from a single source of supply bottlenecks. It will put us back in control."
I agree, and to add, and the time to expand automation with upgrades and improvements is now. Many small to mid-size companies have bail-out money that can be put towards upgrades. There is a great deal of cost pressure on organizations, and the new normal is more data-driven to capture improved efficiencies through more detailed analysis and ROI. B&D can assist with application solutions and ROI calculations on automation investments.
Let us know how we can assist. CTolbert VPE
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