PLC5 Migration

The Allen Bradley (Rockwell) PLC5 platform is one of the largest control platforms in the world and spanned 30 years until the announcement of obsolesce in 2017.

And the stats are very specific according to ARC:
  • >75% of the plants in NA have 20+ year old PLCs
  • 65B Globally use obsolete controls

B&D has partnered with SoftPLC to migrate AB PLC5, PLC2, and SLC500 PLC platforms. Here are a few pictures from the last migration.

Risks associated with upgrades/not upgrading:

  • High risk of production/process outage or breakdowns
  • Production and revenue loss due to unplanned shutdowns
  • Customer loss due to production and damage to your brand
  • The end-of-life controls dominating your process with increasing costs to maintain

Benefits to migration with B&D:

  • Faster
  • More econcomical
  • Easier - high conversion accuracy with local support
  • Increased availability and higher production
  • Easier to expand and build capacity to the original design
  • More reliability and better performance
  • Reliable support for extending life-cycle

We can help, and it all starts with a conversation...

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