NTN is our February partner of the Month.

NTN is our February partner of the Month.

It is very exciting when one of our partners winds up on a show called "How it's Made" ....even as a throwback from a few years ago.


From an engineering perspective, we like this show, as it takes folks not accustomed to manufacturing environments to see what we see everyday in the in the industrial space.

While some companies are moving towards all of the wizziness of Industry 4.0 adders like smart sensors and the like, the perspective of NTN is to focus R&D efforts on improvements of their bearing designs. It was refreshing to sit down with them and have this discussion recently. Started in 1918, and winning the Deming award in 1954, NTN is no stranger to longevity and commitment to continued improvement and quality efforts. Even as a Japanese company, 80% of the bearing supplied in North America are supplied by the ten plants located in North America.

Focusing on a very useful product, the ULTAGE spherical roller bearing. https://www.ntnglobal.com/en/products/review/pdf/NTN_TR77_en_p081.pdf

These bearings are made from premium-grade steel and contain larger rollers, providing a 65% increase in capacity compared to a conventional bearing and thus resulting in up to five times longer service life. In addition, ULTAGE spherical roller bearings provide up to 35% greater basic static load rating compared to conventional bearings. Furthermore, NTN uses a special heat treatment process that allows for dimensional stability of the bearing up to 200°C (392°F), all while maintaining high hardness. The combination of high temperature stability and high hardness allows the bearing to achieve a longer life, thus reducing down time and increasing production.

Check them out again or for the first time, you will be surprised by their commitment to be the best.

C. Tolbert VPE