Motion Control Upgrades

Motion Control Upgrades

The following article is pretty good discussing motion control upgrades for improved machine performance but lacks one situation that we run into often.

In a great deal of situations, we get calls for replacement servo drives and/or motors running on existing machines of all brands, makes, and models. The situation is that one or all of the items requested are obsolete. It is very difficult to replace one piece of the design like just the motor or the servo drive (amplifier) and have perfect compatibility. When the original designers developed the system, they calculated everything required and chose the motor to be the correct model with speed, torque, reflected inertia, etc. As well as the gearing and power transmission design that couples to the motor if any. They choose the drive with purpose as well.

Compatibility starts with the design review and for us goes into to testing. EG. We tested all of the original ABB or Baldor motors with Lenze to ensure we have a method of migration. The picture below shows us preparing to replace the ABB ACSM1 (obsolete servo drives) with Lenze i950 unit.

Sometimes, the application is better suited for a complete departure from traditional motion control. We like the Kyntronics design for replacing hydraulic actuators running a position loop.
Take a look -

Yes, as the article stated, we can always improve performance, but sometimes that comes along with the priorities of replacing obsolete hardware and getting extended life out of a system.

C. Tolbert VPE