Lubricate your electric motors!

Lubricate your electric motors!

Most electric motors fail from the lubrication of the bearings. Yes, this is true, and sometimes the plant intervals for greasing is when they hear the motor start to sound different. The motors can be in really horrible physical locations where maintenance folks have difficulty getting to as well as the adage of "never grease a running motor" which is from a safety perspective of the grease fittings that can be close to the rotating load. I.E., people want to keep their fingers. Check out Chuck Yung’s article in Efficient Plant from 2008; he goes through all of this as well as the problems with mixing greases, becoming a soupy mess causing breakdowns. Take a look at the link.

One massively useful solution to electric motor lubrication is the automatic lubricators designed specifically for electric motors from Simatec Smart technologies. Our engineering group, like these Simalube units as they use Mobile Polyrex EM grease and they provide continuous lubrication to the motor with just the right amount.

Reliability improvements from something so economical and straightforward is impressive. If you do the math, the cost of a single motor failure, including downtime, costs more than the lubricators for dozens of motors.

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C. Tolbert VPE