Dick Morely Predicted Everything

Dick Morely Predicted Everything
Dick Morely, whom I speak about often in my training for drives and motors, was the father of programmable logic controllers. I met Dick a few times at manufacturing and trade shows over the year before his death in 2017.
To say he was impressive is an understatement. What not a lot of folks know is that he wrote a book in 1999 with Patricia Moody called "The Technology Machine: How Manufacturing Will Work in the Year 2020." The link above categorizes some of the predictions by Jeremy Pollard. The article and the book (of course) are great reads and undoubtedly correct.
I think about some of these predictions and how they apply to industrial controls, the market, and how manufacturers are approaching things like Industry 4.0 and IIoT. I think Microsoft is not the only inflexible technology that could go the route of GM. In the industrial space, there are a few significant leaders that should take this as a lesson.

(Picture: Jeff Sandrock - B&D Design Engineering Manager)

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